in process: Ornaments

Over the last couple of weeks I have been in the process of creating a new ornament design and preparing to open ornament pre-orders Wednesday, October 20th at 9:30 am pst. It has been a joy to be back in the darkroom and creating after a long stint of logistical and backend tasks. 

I will be offering two designs this year, the same botanical ornament from last year. As well as the new design shown below. I wanted to create something that evoked the calm still beauty of a winter night. Working with ceramic is very different than paper, so it took me a while to make this vision come to life. But I am so excited with the result.





01 -
Beneath the Trees Ornament is a three inch double-sided Cyanotype ornament made with the asparagus fern. They are made with 52 different ferns, making each ornament beautifully unique.

02 - 
Pre-orders open October 20th at 9:30 am pst and close Friday at midnight. Each ornament is made to order and will be shipped out 4-6 weeks after order is placed. Guaranteeing delivery well before Christmas. Sign up for my email list to get 30 minutes early access to the release.

The All is Calm Ornament was inspired by the quiet beauty of winter nights. Because of the process in which it is made, every single ornament is wholly unique.