Slow down & savor the beautiful

Fine art as an invitation to 

Slowing down and noticing beauty in every season of life can help remind us of our humanness.

I use a medium called cyanotype to capture beauty and explore literal and metaphorical seasons of the human experience. I Invite others into this process and into their own humanity.

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I am exploring the connection between grief and the ocean. Grief comes in waves & ebb and flows like the tide.

ebruary of 2020 my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer and was given a year or less to live. We had just  about a year with him before he


past away this spring. Over the last year I've come to realize that grief is something that comes in waves. And now that my dad is gone, I am exploring this concept further  by creating a collection based on this concept. In the process, I'm finding my footing &  embracing the waves as they come.


Cyanotype is an alternative photographic process. Discovered in the 1800's it is one of the earliest forms of photography. It is a slow and thoughtful process that captures its subjects with incredible detail and beauty. Each piece begins in the darkroom where I mix the cyanotype chemicals by hand. Then I use my signature  technique to coat the paper and achieve a clean & even result. Once the paper dries, I go out into my garden and cut a flower or two. I take these blooms back into the dark room and arrange them on top of the paper.

Then the paper and flowers are secured between glass. Next I take the whole ensemble outside into direct sunlight. The sun exposes the light- sensitive chemicals. The paper under the flower remains white & everything else turns blue. Once it is properly exposed, I move to the shade, unclip the glass, delicately remove the flower, and submerge the paper in water. As I agitate the water the chemicals wash away and the image is fixed. After the wash phase, the piece is carefully hung to dry. The blue deepens over the next couple of days.

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