Creating the Print Collection

Feb 15, 2021

Botanical Art

There is far more beauty around us than we often realize. It’s the kind of beauty that everyone has access to. The kind that shares itself before anyone regardless of any characteristic or income. It offers itself to those willing to slow down and take the time to savor it. I believe that this process can have profound implications for us because it has the power to remind us of our humanness. That we aren’t merely machines made for productivity. And that our value does not come from what we achieve. That we are all at once finite and eternal. Fragile and enduring.

This process is not merely a one-sided transaction. But an exchange. Because what human can encounter and savor beauty without being inspired to create more beauty?

My artwork is largely inspired by this exchange. It is my hope and mission that everything I create becomes an invitation to slow down and savor that abundant beauty.

With this in mind, I began to see the profound value of art (not just my own) and then in turn dreamt of offering reproductions of my original artwork. So that more people, not just the ones with the budget for originals, can have this invitation on the walls of their home. To offer more opportunities to have this exchange and be reminded of their humanity and inherent worth.

Creating the Print Collection

I quickly began to act upon this dream, researching print labs that could create the specific kind of quality I was looking for. My main priorities were to get the deep and rich cyanotype blue just right. And to find the right paper that would mimic the texture of my original work. I soon found the lab I wanted to work with but nailing down the right blue and paper texture took months. I ordered, mailed, and assessed round after round of test prints. This cycle repeated until I found a combination I was satisfied with. The next challenge was to choose, out of the many originals I had created, which pieces would be fitting for reproductions.

The pieces I chose were selected based on popularity, quality, and variety. I selected only four and am delighted with how they turned out. The quality is so lovely that it honestly is difficult to distinguish between originals.

It is my intention that the selection of prints will continue to grow as I create more originals. Frequently adding a few pieces from each collection of originals after each release.

This really is quite a milestone for my studio and me as an artist. And I am so excited to be able to offer my artwork in their new way.

If you are interested in shopping this selection of prints click here.






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