Winter Garden Collection Preview

Mar 16, 2021

The Winter Garden Collection is inspired by the innate impulse to share beauty and the lessons my garden has taught me about being human. It is filled with 21 cyanotype originals made with flowers I grew in my own garden this winter. The release is tomorrow at 10 am pst (9:30 if you are an email insider) and I am excited to share the collection preview with you today!

Personally, I do not like purchasing things, especially something as meaningful as artwork, when I feel rushed! By giving you the chance to see the collection a day early, I hope to alleviate some of that pressure. This way you can take your time and decided which pieces resonate with you and your home without any pressure.

The preview is ordered the same as how the pieces in the shop will appear tomorrow. They are organized in sections by flower, and then by size smallest to largest! I hope that makes things a little bit easier as well!

See you back here tomorrow at 10 am!



“its annual reply” 4×6 cyanotype original                                           “thoughts that make for peace” 4×6 cyanotype original


“in gentle deference” 4×6 cyanotype original                                       “of independent hues” 5×7 cyanotype original


“how far the morning leaps 8×10 cyanotype original                          “in every human soul” 8×10 cyanotype original



“the clovers understood” 5×7 cyanotype original                               “the day came slow” 5×7 cyanotype original



“the murmur of a bee” 8×10 cyanotype original                                 “before the blackbird sings” 8×10 cyanotype original



“before you thought of spring” 5×7 cyanotype original                      “a resonance of emerald” 8×10 cyanotype original



“in casual simplicity” 11×14 cyanotype original                                 “sprang before the hills” 11×14 cyanotype original


“and yet abide the world” 4×6 cyanotype original                            “the quaintest lullaby” 4×6 cyanotype original



“a raised ethereal thing” 5×7 cyanotype original                                “an altered look” 5×7 cyanotype original


“touched the morning” 5×7 cyanotype original                                “a quietness distilled” 8×10 cyanotype original


“unknown refreshing things” 8×10 cyanotype original


Interested in getting that 30 minutes early access I mentioned? Click here to become an email insider!

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