Spring has arrived

Mar 19, 2021

The Process

California Spring Garden California Spring Garden

Winter in my southern California garden did not linger long. And before I know it, summer heat will be here. The window for spring delicate flowers is short and already my Anemones and California Poppies are blooming. Daffodils fill the flowerbed and Iceland poppies are about to bloom. The weather is warming and the afternoons lengthening. I crave the warmth and often found myself taking my laptop and notebook outside to work in the garden.

The Winter Garden Collection release was this past Wednesday and I am so excited that its beauty is out in the world. It was my plan to begin on a different more conceptual collection but spring is here. And I think that collection must wait for now and that it is time to begin the Spring Garden Collection. My medium and practice are often at the mercy of nature. It isn’t the most convenient but I find it beautiful. And love how it connects me with the seasons and the passage of time.

With spring already here, and a summer that often loves to arrive early, my window to capture the beauty of the spring garden is a short one. Most bulbs and cool weather loving flowers like, Iceland poppies and love-in-a-mist will wilt quickly under the early summer heat.

From how the garden is growing, it seems like this collection will have mostly larger pieces. Which I know my collectors will love since the larger pieces tend to be the first ones to go. Even though the pieces themselves will be bigger, I expect there to be fewer than what is in the Winter Garden Collection. My spring flowers are less prolific than many of the winter flowers. Though they aren’t blooming yet, I hope to be able to include a few stems of larkspur, love-in-a-mist, and sweet peas. But as always, the collection will unfold of its own accord so we will see how it turns out.

Even though I was hoping to start working on a different more conceptual collection idea, I am excited to capture the beauty that’s beginning to explode in my garden now. And as long as I get to be cyanotyping instead of behind a desk I am happy.

I’ll share more about the conceptual collection soon but for now, come hang out on Instagram to see how to spring garden collection is processing!

Spring in my southern California garden zone 10a Iceland Poppies - Spring in my southern California garden zone 10a

Anemones - Spring in my Southern California Garden (Zone 10b) Chamomile - Spring in my Southern California Garden (Zone 10b)


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