Beginning the Awareness Collection

Jan 21, 2022

Awareness Collection

I have begun working on a new body of work called the Awareness Collection. It’s a conceptual collection exploring an internal season of contrast. Like most of my conceptual collections, I’ve been ruminating on this idea for some time. It’s been slowly developing for over a year now, long before I was truly living in a season of contrasts. But it finally seemed to be the fitting time to refine this idea and explore the concept with my creative practice.

The Concept

With the Awareness Collection, I will be exploring the idea that the ephemeral and fleeting nature of something can make it more precious and more beautiful. I’ve been meditating on this idea more deeply since finding out I was pregnant in July. The contrast between the sorrow of losing my father last spring, and the joy of the new life of my son this summer, was a confusing experience to navigate.

There have been two ideas that have helped guide me and in turn, are informing the Awareness collection. They are the Japanese concept of “mono no aware” and the ancient Jewish metaphor of “hevel”. I will share more about these in detail and how they have influenced me in a later blog post. They are robust concepts that I want to do justice by highlighting them in their own post.

The Vision

I will be using abstracted images of smoke and steam to represent this idea visually. I will also be using two new cyanotype techniques of exposing with negatives and color toning. I intended for these pieces to be black and white abstracted images of smoke with hand-torn edges. All pieces will be 8×10 or smaller. Compared to my other collections, this one will have very few pieces, with less than 10 originals. It is my aim to have this collection finished by the end of winter and released in early spring.

The Process

I am still very much in the experimenting phase, excitedly working with the new techniques mentioned above. This week in particular I experimented with color toning and attempted to learn how to change the natural blue of the cyanotype to black. Like most new things, there was a learning curve and it took me many tests to even start to get the hang of it. But I love nerding out and doing these experiments so that I can learn why and how each step affects the final outcome.

While I create this collection I will continue to write about the concept (explaining “mono no aware” and “hevel” and how it relates to a season of contrasts), the experimentation and creation process, as well as all the thought and intention that is going into creating this collection. I will be sharing about the process and current updates in my studio letter, and behind the scenes of the creation in my Instagram stories.


So very glad to be back in the thick of creating a new body of work. Thank you for all your positive feedback and gracious support. It means the world to me.



Beginning the Awareness Collection

The Concept + Inspiration

Color Toning + Negatives

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