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PRe-Order "Wax flower garden"

"Wax flower garden" Mounted CIRCULAr Cyanotype PRE-ORDER 

CLOSED -PREORDER "Wax Flower Garden", a Circular Cyanotype Original mounted on a round wooden panel. Each piece will be a combination of your preferences and my own vision creating something completely unique for each collector.

This series of Cyanotype originals celebrates the effortless beauty of the Wax Flower. To create these pieces, I pressed and arranged the blooms a way that would highlight its whimsical nature. Using the natural curvature of each bloom to create an arrangement that feels as if you were standing in a garden blooming with Wax Flower,

Each circular Cyanotype Piece is mounted onto a round wooden panel, that allows easy hanging and display in your home. 

It will take me roughly 4 -6 weeks to create your unique piece. I will create each piece in the order that the pre-order is received and will notify you when yours is shipped!